Missed replies: you’ll be emailed any notifications that arrive when you are away

Ummm, this was listed in the link I was sent that included more tips.

Exactly how does this work?

I surely do not want any emails to my primary email account about missed replies.

I searched but could not find a way to disable this.

Also, is there a way to disable all notifications? I noticed that if I create a topic or comment in a topic I will be notified of replies. I can mute this, but will I need to mute each topic I don’t want notifications from?
EDIT: But muting also removes it from Latest, so that is not a good thing.


In your account, if you go to “preferences”, there is one labellled “emails”…in there is something that says:

“Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics”

I presume unticking that disables all email notifications.

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Well, duh, thanks for that, I went to preferences earlier, saw my account info, but never looked further. You are a lifesaver!

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As to disabling all notifications, on the preferences page, click on “Notifications”…there is an option:

“Automatically track topics I enter”

Not sure if that is the same as subscibing to topics you post in but try setting that to never

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And again, thanks. I need to spend more time in the preferences, it seems.

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No problem…you’ll get there! I am, by nature, a curious person and so I go looking to see what’s what to see what I can find. T be fair, I only found them as I was looking for some way to reduce the font size for the forum!!

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Are you ready for this? I have been a computer network engineer for over 25 years so I should know better. I just panicked at all these notifications… I HATE notifications. LOL

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If you find a way to change the background and or font color, I love to know!!

Ah well, computer networks are just a whole 'nother kettle of fish (never understood that…since when do you ever get a kettle full of fish? Well, unless you use a kettle as a goldfish bowl maybe?).

As to background colour and font colour, nope, there are no options for that…only thing is something to do with a dark colour which makes no difference to anything far as I can tlel

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Thanks. That is what I am finding. Going back to my early days when I worked on a main frame using a terminal, green type on black background was perfect.

I think the white text just needs to be brighter to make it easier to read…I am sat about 4 feet away from my 55" TV screen (which is currently displaying my PC output) and, whilst I can read it easily, it is still not clear enough for me…the white needs to be whiter (maybe put it through a wash with some Persil? lol)

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Even though I am from across the pond, I do get the Persil reference. (I watch waaaay to much British TV!) lol

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