Mileage counter accuracy recording

It would be great if the developers can add accuracy to the mileage counter in the dashboard of the car instead of being a random number. I think this could add a layer of realism. In FH5 we drive cars all over a wonderful open world and if we track our miles accurately and progressively, as a real car, that could represent the time we spent riding that car and the adventures we had.

Currently, we have our miles tracked outside in some of the menus but when we go to the cockpit view and we see our dashboards the mileage counter displays a random number and the trip starts in 0. Which is great to have it in 0, so we can tell for how long we are driving that vehicle during that specific trip, but also it would be great to have the mileage counter displaying my miles history or lifetime miles for that car. I don’t know if this could be done thou. But certainly, the mileage counter in the dashboard is already working (with a random number) and the miles for the specific car are already recorded (in the menu) so I think it would be feasible to think this number could be programmed to that number in the dashboard. Hopefully, they can add this feature. I have GT7 in PS5 and it seems that they do it with all cars, but this game is not as exciting as Forza Horizon 5 in the sense that I can travel all over the horizon world with my car and I would like to see those journeys recorded and represented as miles.

Adding to that, for the auctions it would be great to have the real mileage represented in the car dashboard, it could be like you are really buying a car with a lot of miles and races on their backs.

Time will tell maybe this is a very hard and minor feature to be programmed or could be like a patented or copyright issue, I don’t know, but these car games are so realistic that I think it could be a nice feature to have and enjoy.

Personally, I have been playing Car games since the first Need for Speed for PS one and I have never seen this feature with the exception of GT7. But again that game is very race-oriented compared to Forza which is more to enjoy a beautiful and challenging world driving your car and putting miles on it.

Thank you for reading.

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That’s a great idea. I’m sure it could be possible to add such a feature through an update

I bought a new car from the auto show and it had 120k miles on the clock already.

I always thought that the cars mileage should be the mileage you have done as a whole in the game.

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