Mikke121's FH2 Gallery || Rebirth || Updated 12th of May

I am back, and I am blown away with the Forza Horizon 2 gameplay, graphics and photo mode!

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Thanks and Enjoy!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Land Rover Defender






Competition Winners!

(Hopefully) Coming Soon!

Here are my first photos in the game and the detail is absolutely mind blowing!

And 3 Random Shots!

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Toyota Supra

This is my first Supra one. Loving the graphics! Still gotta learn the contrast and colour balancing!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Here is a small collection showing off the awesome free-roaming in FH2.

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Bonus F-100 Photos - I tried to make them realistic!

Really liking the photos! I’m a big fan of the F100 photos - really does look real with the reflections, especially the top one.
But my favorite has to be this 360 shot, just wow!

Nice shot mikke, keep up the good work

Great shots all around mikke!

I decided to buy the Land Rover defender and have some fun!!

Bonus Pics

I like the idea behind shot number 11.


This game is just ridiculously fun - So I decided to showcase it in this gigantic collection - Enjoy!!

Bonus Pics

Fantastic shots! Love the Land Rover ones in particular!

+1 Great stuff lately mikke!

I see the driver in the last shot is trying to get out of town very fast, because I heard the driver caused a lot of damage to few local businesses. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just take a moment to pause

Love the first shot mikke!


Bonus edit of the 370z photo!