Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

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Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Mid-Ohio is a real world circuit used by IMSA, NASCAR, and IndyCar.

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Wait, it’s all Ohio?

Always has been.

Mid Ohio is a fabulous track. Its rich history of Motorsport includes the cars already in Forza Motorsport and have been on the track in the heart of Ohio for years, a perfect fit: Indy Car, IMSA, prototypes, GT cars, World Challenge, vintage racing and many others. Nestled in a lovely part of Ohio, Amish country and near a lake it features fun and challenging elevation changes, the keyhole, “Madness”, Thunder Valley the carousel and a couple different layouts.

Other than iRacing it is an often overlooked classic of a course. Do it Turn 10! Please!! People will come!

I heared some talk that this track will be on motorsport, but i had not saw any confirmation of it yet

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Its in the game, you can check the trailers

Mid-Ohio is confirmed for Forza Motorsport at launch.

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