Hello everyone! After I entered the hall of fame, this message started to appear here

“Forza horizon 5 server is unavailable. The festival’s Playlist is using the Reservas Series. Try later!”

I filed a complaint with Foza Support and they told me just that:


Thank you for contacting Forza Support & Safety! We are currently investigating an issue with Horizon Life and online activity. Please, check our socials for more updates on this issue. @Forza_Support

They simply ended the ticket!

Has anyone managed to solve this problem?




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I got the same message as I just started the game and landed in my favourite house. But the problem was solved as I got out on the street do to some driving. After being in free roam there was no problem with server connection any more.


I think what u mean, is that the other drivers appeared again.
But can you open the auction house?
OR join Horizon live game with actual other players in it?
I cant and the game is nothing more than Asetto Corsa at this point.

No - I got that message and the reserve play list in the house. I leave the house into the open, online drivatars appeared and the festival playlist was the old “dry time” one. All online features were available (like Forza Open, Message Center, Eliminator etc.)

Edit: was panicked as I had used some races created from players that seemed to be banned from the service, as their names disappeared from their individual routes and replaced with “Forza Apex presents” that I get hit by the ban-hammer myself… so I was glad as all online features worked again.

Isn’t a bit weird that players were banned for creating these races but the races are still available?

I got similar msg when i tried to finish the super 7. Since the release i never got to finish it because this msg pop ups in the moment im going to finish my last card.
So, its a general problem, but we are not surprised anymore.

Some people fixed it by logging out of xbox app, then start the game (it pops up a xbox sign in screen), and it should connect again hopefully.