Mercedes SL-Class 1989-2001 (R129)

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Mercedes-Benz SL (Fourth generation)


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Which version do you prefer?

  • Pre-facelift (1989-1995)
  • Facelift (1995-1998)
  • Second facelift (1998-2001)
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Which model do you prefer?

  • SL 280
  • 300 SL & SL-24
  • SL 320
  • SL 500
  • SL 55 AMG / 500 SL 6.0 AMG
  • SL 600
  • SL 60 AMG
  • SL 70 / 72 AMG
  • SL 73 AMG
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I’m all for SL 73 AMG


2003 - 2008 SL 500 SL 550 SL 600, Would be Awesome to have one in the game, i drive an 03’ sl500, but it would be great to have a sl 600 turbo, the sl600 has a 6 Liter v12! It be amazing to have!

R129, One of the most iconic design by Bruno Sacco and probably the best generation of SLs. Wouldn’t mind either a 500SL, 600SL or SL73 AMG as they’re all great cars.

Users should have the option to change bumpers and sideskirt to pre-facelift type and facelift (AMG) type. optional AMG ducktail spoiler.

In the bodykit section, an AMG pre-merger Bodykit available and includes things such as a rear ducktail spoiler and AMG three-piece OZ body-coloured wheels.

Roof option -

  • Hard Top

  • Soft Top

(* Users can remove the roof in freeroam, Hardtop will just be removed while for those with soft top will have animation of the roof folding)


In addition to SL73 I would love to have late 80s 560SL.

Exactly, then we can have cars that look like the SL60 and the SL73 at the same time

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It’s widely known that the Pagani Zonda has a Mercedes-built engine, but not too many know about Mercedes’ own models that used the same unit. The most legendary among them is the SL 73 AMG. As the name correctly suggests, the S600-sourced V12 was bored out to a whopping 7,3 liters, helping it develop 525PS. The 73 is also 3 times as rare as the Zonda, with only around 80 produced. One of the final models developed by the semi-independent AMG outfit before Mercedes’ full takeover in the early 2000s, before its engine went on to massive heights by powering one of the legendary supercars of this century, the SL 73 holds a special place in the history of fast Benzes.



Mercedes r129 SL 500 / AMG


Please add this to Forza!

1999 Mercedes-Benz SL 73 AMG

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Mercedes Benz sl500 cabrio. Modelo 2002