Menu - Vinyl groups take an age to load and they're in a random order (1745045)

I am a very frequent painter on Forza games (Arct1cOwl) and here are multiple issues I’ve been having with the liveries and paint booth in general in Forza Motorsport:

-Loading decals and finding decals and designs takes absurdly long (infinite almost), lasting almost a minute to 7 minutes at the max.

-Paint Booth crashes when loading decals takes over a minute or more. (This started to happen A LOT more after the new hotfix 1.1. Can’t even get into my decals anymore.)

-The more decals you own/make, the longer the game takes to load, and can cause crashing the more you own/make. (In older Forza Motorsport games it loads your decals in an instant, this has to be a bug or something with being online.)

-Decals aren’t locked sometimes when downloading another player’s decals.

-Decal thumbnails refuse to load.

-Decals are scrambled and not listed by date or by a filtering system. (Older Forza Games and even Forza Horizon 5 have decals filtered by date of creation/ when downloaded. Please fix this.)

-Uploading a livery can sometimes be unuploaded without even doing anything.

-Adding on to other topics, schemes are super blurry in and outside of the paint booth (my graphics are set to high, game issue)

-Whole liveries not loading in private lobbies with other drivers.

-Clipping mask shapes create a very pixelated edge to the shape, causing a scheme to look horrible with pixelated edges and interferes with normal shapes too causing a mess of pixels.

-Rim color, when changed, doesn’t exactly reflect the color it was changed to, because of a shiny chrome overlay.

Platform: (PC)
Edition: (Premium)
Account: (Solo account)
PC GPU: (Geforce RTX 3060)
Peripheral: (Xbox Controller, 240 HZ Monitor)
Settings: (High)
Attempted fixes: Tried everything basically. Reinstalling, rebooting PC, everything. This happens every time I load and play the game normally.
Content Update: Happening since the launch of the game. (October 5th since I have premium.)

I know it was one issue per topic, but there are so many I had to put them in one post. Sorry.

Xbox Series X…

While working on a livery with layer amount higher then 8k, i’ve noticed stability issues… frame drop,lag… to almost crashing…

X series and PC

loading vinyls takes too long and very often causes the game to crash

save a vinyl created too long and crashes when saving so the vinyl created is completely lost and we all have to start again especially after 4 hours go to make a vinyl

miniature of vinyl which displays nothing

import vinyl delivered impossible since fh5

As the title says. I´m tired of Endless Loading Times.

Vinyl Groups not Loading or need Minutes before showing in the list

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I’ve done a search and couldn’t find this reported anywhere.

When loading a vinyl group to put onto a car in the paint booth, they take ages to load.

When they eventually load, they are in a seemingly random order and half of them don’t show thumbnails.

This is massively slowing down the painting process for me.


Been an issue since launch, I’m having it too.

Loading vinyls takes a minimum of 50 seconds each time. I have about 400 saved.

There are also no sorting options, and as you said the default sorting changes every time.

Additionally, thumbnails often don’t load for any vinyls.

And finally, sometimes my Forza Horizon 5 files won’t appear even after a sync.

Example: PJTierney |  Xbox



Are you still experiencing this issue?

Can you please send a video?

Thank you

Throwing in my 2 cents, this is still an issue, yes. The video clip posted by PJTierney shows the same issues as I have, except I cannot sync Forza Horizon 5 files at all. (MS Store, PC)

Yes I am.

Video here: View Capture |  Xbox

This is most definitely still an issue, as it has been from game release.
Only about the last 25-30% of the vinyl groups - once they load - are visible, and they’re never in the same order.
I’m on Xbox Series X.


This appears to be possibly a cloud save file size issue. I could import a set number of files from f7 and /or fh5, before the thumb nails failed to load, (approx 75) then I started to lump them together and reduced it to approx 30 save files from original 75. But the same thing happened when I imported further logos, the thumb nails stayed randomly blank. Which indicates to me the game appeared to have an allocated save space i.e 75 save files of, say 10,000 layers or 30 save files of 10,000 layers before it starts to display blank thumbnails…I have no idea how or why the always appear randomly.
Also the more files you have imported and saved the longer it takes to load.
Also on Xbox series x

Not sure if it’s a cloud issue or not. A weird thing is, that when I search for vinyl groups in the vinyl editor, and enter my own GT (SweedishThunder), it only takes seconds for everything I share (which is 100s) to appear. Every single vinyl group is also visible when doing this!

I wish that the system was smart enough to realize that these were my own vinyls that I searched for, so that I could search for and load them that way, but unfortunately they get locked as if they were other players’ vinyls.

It is very strange that it takes so much longer for the system to load the game’s own created and imported vinyls than it takes to load the vinyls from previous titles (including synching)! All the vinyls in the previous titles are visible when viewed, and they’re always in the same order.

This makes you wonder if something in the code regarding how vinyl groups are listed was accidentally changed when copied from previous titles.

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Hi guys is there someone know where can i find the downloaded livery folder from community in Forza Motorsport folder. Because 2 days ago i deleted the game and reinstall again because of my pc occured blue screen. now i cant play Forza every time i launched the game it crushes and throws me to desktop. Erasing all liveris migth work. i have tons of liveries maybe 100 or more

Fresh clip from Update 4 today.

Also when the vinyls do load in this clip, note the date on the right as I scroll. You’ll see that they’re not chronological as an October 22 file is in amongst the October 5s

Additionally, none of the files have thumbnails.

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This is still present after Update 4 for anyone with hundreds of vinyl groups.


Forza motorsport 23
Platform Xbox series X

Load times are very slow for vinyl groups and stock vinyls often taking up to two minutes to populate

Importing from previous versions can take longer if at all. Work around having to exit the import screen and re-enter.

Tagging onto this, im just under the limit of 450ish logos, currently takes a full 5 minutes for them to load.


@W0LFayame This bug has now worsened since Update 5.

As mentioned above it was previously around 45 seconds to load the group.

Now it’s timed at 4 minutes, 15 seconds.

Additionally the other bugs persist, where there’s no thumbnails for the majority of Vinyl Groups, and no consistent or predictable ordering to them.


Or even infinite

Had to restart the game… of course unsaved… losing work and time

Xbox series x

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Infinite loading… after 30 minutes had to restart the… so all progress lost

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