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This is insane and shouldnt be left discussed.

The new focus for this game as stated multiple times in ads is that you build a bond for one car over long periods of time. Working with it in tuning menus, customizing its paint, upgrades, and taking it through various races in the game through menus.

The way old Forza menus worked, and that I know of, every other raging game ever made.
Is that you have a garage full of your owned cars you go into and select your car that you want to do stuff with. It puts you in the main menu where you can see that car, and you can generally go anywhere in the menus and by default it will be the car you selected that you’re going to be dealing with. Want to work on a different car? Go select it from your garage.

This, From what I can see, Is NOT how Motorsport works.
Your main menu is now considered a part of the ‘car bay’
And the ‘main menu car’ is considered ‘slot 1’
Okay, So you can go into your garage and go to the car selection menu to set it to ‘slot 1’

Cool, so now we have the supra set in our main menu, like normal games, sure it took 2 more menus to get it there. But its there.

Now I want to go race with it. Go into freeplay and I get:

Hm, Thought I selected the Toyota but okay. Guess its just freeplay it wants to pick a car I get to race in.
Well let me just go get a livery for the car first. Ill go to paint. Wait, whats this?

The car select screen again. Uhh. Okay, Maybe upgrades knows Im working on one car?

So no. No it doesnt recognize that I have one car selected. It doesnt even have the decency to start the garage menu out at the car I have ‘selected’

So this adds potentially hours to your overall playtime just from bad design alone.
Maybe they wanted you to have your main ‘show car’ in the menu at any time regardless of what you were working on. AT LEAST LET US PICK WHAT CAR WERE WORKING ON. Instead of forcing us to go through our entire car list EVERY TIME WE DO ANYTHING, which in the past 2 games got laggy to cycle through due to the amount of cars in our garages.

This to me is a much worse design decision than the CarPG nonsense.
But it all does show that the people over at T10 are operating on a completely different plane of existence than we do.

Looks like a skill issue to me

If you want to work on any car X, why go the long way through the main menu car thing, when you could just go to select car immediately?

What do you mean?

Why go through the effort of adding the car to the main menu first before you go race with it, if you could just go that menu immediately without the detour?

Do you mean selecting the different menu options from each car menu in the ‘my cars’?

No i mean immediately clicking this option

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Right, from the specific car in your garage. Yes. Thats possible to do. Its also one menu click away outside of tuning and livery options. But thats only IF you never move from that car or go into career (which is so bare bones not even I will likely get much time out of it anyway)
But if you’re ever working from the main menu. Which presumably you would be. Its a whole lot more menus to do it that way even compared to going through the car select screen.
And yes, It would seem like having the specific options in each car menu would be more convenient. But in reality, most scenarios this system is going to make it more finnicky and tedious to deal with.