Mechanical Engineer Answers Car Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED Feb 2024

Mechanical engineer and Stanford professor Chris Gerdes answers the internet’s automotive questions. Why aren’t solar powered cars a thing yet? How do self-driving cars see? How can Teslas crash when on auto-pilot? Is hacking a big threat to autonomous cars? Chris answers all these questions and much more!

00:00 Automotive Support
00:11 When to Buy an EV
00:46 Solar Powered Cars
01:33 Retrofitting Cars
02:22 LIDAR
03:20 Steering Wheels
04:33 Flying Cars
05:06 Miatas
05:46 Autonomous Car Reaction
06:24 DeLorean
06:51 Boxy Cars
07:56 1970s Cars
08:31 Spoilers
09:12 Confusing Autonomous Cars
09:50 Green Wheels
10:24 Ferrari vs. Porsche
10:48 Tesla Autopilot
11:19 Self-Driving AI
12:21 Manufacturer Accountability
12:57 Hydrogen Cars
13:29 Neural Networks
14:06 Hacking
14:41 Four Wheels
15:22 EVs For All
15:51 Accident Prone