Mazda 626 / Capella 1997-2005

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Mazda 626 / Capella 1997-2005

'97-'99 Hatchback Pre-Facelift:

'97-'99 Sedan Pre-Facelift:

'97-'99 Station Wagon Pre-Facelift:

'00-'05 Hatchback Facelift:

'00-'05 Sedan Facelift:

'00-'05 Eclipse Sedan Facelift:


Sedan with optional wing

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Mazda wants “nothing to do” with the Mazdaspeed brand which is just sad. But maybe, just maybe, you can convince them to change their mind since you’ve convinced them to allow deformed RX-7 models to represent their cars in your games. Here’s why this 626 gen should be added: the 626 MPS prototype. Made to rival the likes of the Mistubishi Lancer Evo and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, ultimately never went into production because the new 6 was right around the corner. Its legacy should live on in a car game series, and what’s the better place to learn about cars than Forza?