Mazda 626 / Capella 1982-1987

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Mazda 626 (Third generation)

I’d like to see 626 2.0i


'82-'85 Hatchback Pre-Facelift:

'82-'85 Sedan Pre-Facelift:

'85-'87 Sedan Facelift:

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We need mazda capella 626 1996!

Mazda 626 GC 1983-85 would indeed be great car for Forza Horizon 5. These cars played little “8-bit” melodies when door was open, keys in ignition, washer fluid was low, etc., so that feature would be fun in the game as well :slight_smile:

There was also a badge-engineered Ford version of this car for select markets sold as Ford Telstar and TX5:

Web Car Story: Ford Telstar TX5
1984 FORD TELSTAR TX5 Owners Handbook - Good Condition | eBay