I’ve been wondering about the HP limit of 1,200 for a while, but now with addition of the one:1 I fell I should bring it up.

When fully tuning a lot of the high power cars I’ve noticed most top out around 1,150-1,180~hp and the Venom sits at exactly 1,200 stock.
If you try using power mods with these cars it will indicate a 1,200hp max.

So today when I saw the one:1 had 1,341hp I thought at first maybe they had changed the limit. I get the one:1 and head to the mulsanne straight. Then apply the 10% power mod and still have a 1,200hp max indicated. And now I’m here…

It just makes no sense! Why have a limit at all, and more so why a limit that won’t allow you to take advantage of all the game features.

So now I have that off my chest.

And I won’t even get stated on real world power outputs…

I think that they added a HP limit for the mods because there would be a serious gap between the different engines getting 10% more power. Using the +10% power mod would increase the HP of an Abarth 595 by about 3 or 4 while the Veyron would get an additional 120 HP.
And, as stated in another thread, there seems to be a speed wall at around 272 mph so that you would run into that speed limit by adding hundreds of HP.