Masking issue when applying multiple vinyl group

Hello guys ! :smiley:

I’m working on a brand new car design, and I create two vinyl group. Those two vinyl groups use some masking shapes to have the final result that I want.

But the problem is, when I want to assemble the hole, the vinyl group from the top is hiding the vinyl group on the bottom because of its masking shapes…

I’m new to the Forza Horizon Design, and I would like to know if it’s possible to avoid this behavior, and if it’s possible to see only the shape that are not covered my masking shapes, and not see all the shapes. I hope that you understand me ! :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot, I think it will be helpful.

Thank you very much for your help ! :slight_smile:

You don’t have to use masks you can just use yellow shapes.

Yes I know, but it’s a little bit tricky and I need to use mask for this logo, becarse there is a gradient within the round yello shape. There no way to avoid masks from the top vinyl groups ?

If you have a gradient in the yellow you will have to make the top shape from parts with no holes in them.

Firstly, I’m not sure what you mean at all.

To take a stab at your problem, I think it’s a layering issue.
‘Cut’ (delete) the layer/mask that should should not be hidden and paste it above or below.
Newer (uppermost) layers show on top. Moving them down will put them behind others.
In other words, ungroup the bottom layer and take from below the mask that which you’d like to see above it and place it above.

EDIT - Having read that again I think you’ll likely continue to run into this problem when a mask is applied above other things.
That is if the bottom layer group relies on the mask.
I’ve had similar issues and the only way around is to construct the top layer from solids without using a mask.
Yes it can be a pain.

Now I hope this makes sense? It does in my head but it doesn’t read very well.

If you’re using mask layers within multiple layer groups, you will always run into this problem (if I understand correctly what you’re trying to do). The issue is with the way that the masking layers are implemented in the game. Any time you use mask layers, even if it’s only in a single vinyl group, when it’s applied to a vehicle, it ‘cuts’ all the way down to the base paint layer of the vehicle. Meaning that any parts of any vinyl groups below it will never be visible. There is no way around this, it’s how the masking layers are implemented in the game. It’s also the major reason that the actual functionality of masking layers is limited to only a specific type of use … where you actually want it to cut all the way down to the base paint. If the masking effect was limited to only the vinyl groups that the masks were part of and not other vinyl groups, we would be able to do so many more things with masks. When masking was first introduced in FH4, we asked the studio to make this change, but to date nothing has been done.

Like Wildcat said already. Masks will always apply to all layers. It unfortunately isn’t possible to just apply them to a single group.