March car pack

Why can’t i find any information about the march car pack? Official or not there is normally people at least talking about it and guessing but there doesn’t seem to be anything… Anywhere? What’s the deal?

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Cars Packs are released on the first Tuesday of the month being March 7th. No info is generally given before that date other than a clue thread which they did not do this time as a far as I know. Remember Car Pass owners, this will be the last Car Pack you receive from the Car Pass for whatever version of H3 you bought. This covers only the first 6 Car Packs. You will have to pay for any new cars packs released after the March Car Pack. Car Packs are usually released until the next Forza game comes out.


Clue thread should go up today.

If there is going to be an official guessing thread it usually goes up Friday Turn 10 time.

Other than that there is not much to discuss.

I’m more curious about when the next expansion is out.

I hope the clues are a little easier, not like february’s car pack.

Man, so much for to do Tuesday lol. Forza Car pack to test out, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Nier Automata lol. I never get any of the clues right lol. Wonder if we will get a Barn Find this time.

Turn 10 usually post a clue thread on the Friday before the car packs release. Later today there should be a clue thread for the cars in the pack. On Monday they will probably announce the cars.

Yeah this car pack may have like one or two cool cars but you watch, next month’s car pack, if they do one, will be jam packed with cool cars… Frustrating…