Manual clutch = faster... can we talk about this for a moment?

There are quite a few cars in the game that come with a DCT type clutch in the real world. These are faster when changing gears than any human using a manual clutch. Yet, in FM, the manual clutch gives you an advantage. I understand what T10 is trying to do, but this is silly in my opinion. There are also race cars in the real world with race transmissions where you only use the clutch for the first gear and after that you just bang it from gear to gear.

What are the community’s thoughts on this?

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My thought, as the owner of a DCT-equipped 2011 M3, is that dual-clutch transmissions provide essentially instantaneous shifting, and I’d enjoy driving my in-game M4 a little more if it correctly modeled this behavior. But Forza isn’t a simulator, it’s a game, and it doesn’t surprise or bother me that T10 didn’t prioritize adding this feature and rebalancing all the other competitive aspects of the car.


It’s more of a difficulty adjustment setting than a real world replication.

you just have to be careful when using stock vehicles with issues launching while using manual with clutch.

No contribution for this thread, just an obligatory comment to say that I am faster.


I’ve have been testing out the difference between manual vs manual w/clutch with different cars and I’ve come to the conclusion the difference in speed isn’t as big as it has been in previous forzas. There’s very little time gained from using manual w/clutch.

Interesting. This has always been the case. It’s a difficulty reward basically. Just like not having TCS and ABS makes you faster in Forza.

The problem is that forza have 460 cars. Forza is not iracing or arsetto corsa. It’s true racecars and supercars and even sportcars uses often a double clutch gearbox. Thats the reason i drive this car without manual clutch. It’s unrealistic to use that. Specially in the racecars you not win that much time. Im using the clutch only by cars they used in real too. But as m3 ringer wrote fm6 is not a pure race simulation. It’s naive to expect that. It doesn’t bother me because I can deactivate manual clutch by racecars and cars with double clutch gearbox.

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auto trans is faster in the real world thats why the fastest race cars use them as well as for drag raceing plus you don’t need to take your hands off the wheel. But this is not a sim it’s just a racing game that they try to call a sim.

I disagree with the OP. While it’s true that dual-clutch transmissions shift faster than traditional manuals, the makers of Forza obviously have no interest in correctly depicting different transmission types in the game, such as the feeling of a slush-box torque converter automatic, or the instant shifting of a dual-clutch. All the cars drive like they have a traditional manual, whether you are using automatic, manual, or manual with clutch. So yes, using manual with clutch should give you an advantage because it requires more skill and involvement in the game.

Also, they’ve changed manual with clutch in Forza 6 to require you to disengage the clutch for a longer time during shifts, otherwise it will grind and damage the transmission, assuming damage is on. If damage is turned off, then the advantage to using manual with clutch is still applicable, you just have to listen to the annoying grinding sound.

Interesting… I actually hadn’t noticed that. I wish the One came with a new controller that allowed levels of pressure on the Bumper buttons like it does on the Trigger buttons so we could actually use clutches properly. While we’re talking about realism, it’s pretty damn unrealistic for your clutch to either be engaged or disengaged in split seconds, with no possible way of easing off it so you don’t instantly wheelspin off the mark.

Anyway, back to the OP - We can’t have it both ways, i’m afraid. There is a limit to how realistic a game can be and not feel like a chore. It would be great if every car needed you to treat it like it would in the real world, but then 100s of players wouldn’t bother using the crappy old cars that have no electronic aids. They wouldn’t be competitive. Plus, there’d be cars with forced TCS and STC, which we also know is a feature we should be allowed to disable, and a feature many people like racing with it off for the extra challenge. There are cars without clutches that people would still want to use the Manual + Clutch with.

We, as gamers, have to decide what we want from a game before we delve into it. If you really want all that realism, if you want to feel like you are absolutely driving the car that you’re in and nothing else, there are games for that. Forza isn’t one and never will be. It’s supposed to be a (almost) simulation racing game, in terms of being on the track and the feel of the cars at least, but also accessible to everybody that owns an Xbox One. They don’t want people to be buying this and then regretting it because it’s too realistic and too difficult. Realism IS difficult, hence why everybody that can play Forza can’t necessarily be competitive in the real world in a race car.

It’s just a simple fact, in game, that if you’re willing to up the difficulty a bit and master changing gears manually with also having to engage and disengage the clutch, it will pay off because you’ll be faster. Just like it’s also a simple fact, in game, that if you have ABS turned off you will be able to break later (given that you’re breaking in-time for the corner) and therefore technically be quicker around a track than anybody with ABS on.

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