Manual activated headlights, blinkers, hazard lights, light bars, fog lights

It would be really awesome to turn on headlights manually, flashing headlights like warning you know (or saying hi to others) and also maybe blinkers too.

And turn on/off the licht bars on top of the car


This is my biggest request. Is to be able to use car features. Turning on/off headlights is on top of the list. I already don’t appearance some cars not having DRL active/represented. Like the 1996 Chevy Impala SS. No amber DRLs, but the Crown Victoria has. This will help with that.


Please add the blinkers feature. There are some cars that have absolutely cool blinkers and we can’t see them because we can’t manually activate them.


TURN SIGNALS/INDICATORS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO ROLEPLAY EVER ONCE IN A WHILE This feature would be a great addition to the forza franchise considering we don’t get these kind of features in car games for console! I feel like a big part of the community have been wanting this feature for a long time now! Would love to see this as a feature as well as being able to turn our exterior lights on and off (for the same reason)


Great idea. It’d be cool if this was to be implemented cause it gives a more realism approach. Maybe for controller, peddle shifters/holding certain buttons could be used to activate this. Like holding the arrows on the D-Pad. I’ve been waiting to see a game implement this for years.


Yesss! This would be amazing. Reminds me of TDU2, that game had blinkers.


Especially to have the option to pop up headlights anytime I want.


Ability to turn on fog lights on cars, could be useful when driving through dust storms.


Add ability to flash high beams on cars.



While I am very pleased that Horizon includes blue/amber light bars to some vehicles, I would be highly interested to see these expanded to perhaps other vehicles, as well. The main feature that I would like to see is the ability to toggle the light bars on or off by a press of a button. I feel this would add more realism and immersion to roleplaying styles… not to mention the flashing lights won’t create much of a distraction.


Would love to get a simulation of a specific car’s blinkers, and/or be able to indicate while in free roam, etc.


Blinker allgemein an den Autos fände ich super. Ansonsten Super geniales Spiel. Großes Kompliment an alle die Mitgewirkt haben!


I feel like we need the ability to be able to activate our lights whenever we please, that means turning them on or off. Also i feel like blinkers would be a good addition for more of an immersive experience.


i agree

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We need turn signals, high beam and hazard lighting for all the present and future cars in Forza Horizon 5 and upcoming Forza games.

They add a lot of dimension and value to casual drivers and car enthusiasts like us who like to cruise on Forza. If Gran Turismo can, FORZA can !

How come the civilians in the game have turn signals and full-on headlight beams while we do not ? :thinking:


i was thinking about this the other day but realized that we dont have enough buttons on the controller. since forza has certain controls that we cant change we dont have enough buttons to make them work. now for a person that doesnt play with manual or manual clutch they may be able to use them

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They could make an extra controller for them

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easiest way to get this to be implemented is for them to get rid of certain controls that have to be binded by the game not have players spend more money for a second controller or add on controller

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Exactly. For instance, the D-pad used for Forza link and radio stations can be used for turn signals. Up HOLD for high beams - left and right HOLD for turn signals - right stick press for hazard lighting while driving & while stationary -left stick press for convertibles.

And far as I know, nobody uses ANNA. I’m perfectly sure we won’t need an extra controller. Many games like GTA 5, gran turismo 7, test drive solar crown and the crew motorfest are able to fully utilize the buttons on the controllers using in-game interface (circle/ wheel interface using d-pad or R Stick press to select a function or item - like selecting a weapon or emote in certain games). There are many ways to do so !