Major work on game but still no AI in Private Lobbys

The new Forza 7 roadmap has come out with major changes such as changing the whole ffb of the game and physics of the game and other major changes, as well as the adding of major features they have done recently ie drift/drag ode etc, that’s all great work.

But still no mention of the addition of the AI in private lobbies which is a massive requested feature people have been asking for. I know everyone on my friends list that requests this feature and I know loads of people on my list and through forums that have stopped playing the game because this feature is not there lie other racing games.

To any devs listening can we have AI in private lobbies

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Can we also get qualifying in free play please!!!

Great Point! and while I’m here can we add ghost at least at C class most popular, because multiplayer live = demolition derby, useless .