Major issue with route creator

First, route creator is absolutely awesome and Playground should be congratulated on it.

But, nothing is perfect.

A major issue for metric drivers that I assume would have been addressed by now is that the progress bar when creating a route, counts to 40km, not 64 km. So it ends when the progress bar finishes, despite having 24.4 km to go on the counter.

This means that to create routes longer than 40km, you have to change the setting to English/imperial for the time you’re creating a route, or you’ll be limited to 40km, not 40 miles.

That’s clearly a bug that needs sorting, but here’s a few feature requests.

  1. the ability to reverse the direction of a start/finish.

Currently it’s not possible to create a reverse Goliath or a Reverse Holyrood or a reverse anything due to the fixed direction of the start finish points.

You can do a reverse Goliath from another Start/finish point (Broadway for example) but not from the same Start/finish.

You cannot however create a reverse Holyrood, despite it being the ONLY closed type circuit on the whole map and a theoretically a first class race circuit in reverse.

  1. this is more a blueprint issue. When I create a race, I’d like a car class option that is effectively ‘The championship of the car I’m currently in.’

The reason for this is, I may have 5 routes off a Start finish point, and I only have one blueprint per route.

That means I have to decided what class I want that Blueprint to be.

Say I go to a race, and I’m in a Vintage Racer. To race that vintage racer in a Blueprint, I have to have previously set up a Blueprint for Vintage Racer.

If the Blueprint had a ‘The championship of the car I’m currently in.’ option when I created it, I select that blueprint and away I go.

Meaning I only really need a single Blueprint for each route, and not one for each Championship I want to race.

Whereas currently if I want to race a Classic racer on a 5 lap Goliath, I have to either have a blueprint to that effect, or save over a current one.

Additionally it would be nice if a Blueprint had the option of changing the number of laps as I select the blueprint, rather than it being baked in.

  1. now I acknowledge this one might be a technical nightmare to do but I’ll raise it anyway…

Manual placement of ramps and corner armco.

Currently it’s almost pointless to use the route creator for cross country, as it’s just a series of checkpoints with no ramps, or corner armco to guide the route.

So you either place a million checkpoints to ensure the cars know EXACTLY where they are going, or have everyone turning wildly left and right to spot where the next checkpoint is.

And even then, there’s no ramps.

Added to that, ramps that are in freeroam seem to disappear in route creator.

Ramps that are on the airfield for example in freeroam, aren’t there in route creator.

I discovered that when creating a route from the beach only to find the ramps I’d intend to take in, weren’t actually there when i got there.

But I’ll reiterate, route creator is awesome and have opened up the game tremendously.

  1. The ability to create a custom start finish points, which of course negates point 1.

The only way to race Mudkicker for example, is to start from the road. Would be nice to create a mud kicker circuit that actually starts on Mudkicker.