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Hi everyone! Lets get back to designs!
My FH2 designs http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst27178_Designs-of-various-cars.aspx
My twich Twitch

I will post my created designs here once or twice a week. Hope you like my work. LETS GET STARTED!!!

Volkswagen corrado red shadow design! grab it right away!

This time Ford capri gets fantasy deep water design.

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Some pretty funky stuff mate! I love the Capri, it’s really a funky design here. That eye is wild!

more coming soon. thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Today i will share this El camino super sport wild power design.

Ford sierra D1Sport drift design.

BMW 2003 M5 Racing design.

Awesome design man!

Next design will be real life replica. :slight_smile:

Ferrari 250 GT old race design.

Some nice work here mate, I like the El Camino

+1 El Camino is the best!

Ford Fiesta st Rockstar design.

next one will be anime style design. interested? il give you 1 tip :slight_smile: > DxD < 18+ work in progress !

After this anime style design il make some mazda RX-7 red bull drift replica. :slight_smile: this is my 2 projects in future :slight_smile:

Anime Audi is looking quite nice so far, I can’t wait to see more of it.

Long waited high school dxd design. While waiting for season 4 you can pick up this design and have fun in forza. enjoy dxd fans! :slight_smile:

Mad mike’s Red bull Mazda rx-7. All stickers available at market. After such design i need to take a break… Enjoy drifting!!!

Red bull Mazda rx 7 Drift! Forza 6 car presentation Red bull Mazda rx 7 Drift! Forza 6 car presentation - YouTube. Inposible is posible. done with no capture device only twich youtube and editing program.!!!