Loyalty rewards

I began playing today and got to the part where you get your loyalty rewards. I did not get far enough to where I had an option to quit or save or something of the like but I had to go. I didn’t want to leave my console on for 10 hours (it would auto shut off anyway after 6) so I returned to the dashboard, quit the game, powered off and went to work.

If i must start the game all over that’s fine but will I still get the loyalty rewards when I get to that part? I’d hate to lose them overt something as silly as the game not letting you save and quit.

Ive not gotten any loyalty reward cash. I talked to someone else who got 10mil, but ive not gotten any solid responses on my post here, so im not sure what we are supposed to get.

I got the card and cash after the Ford gt race. I then finished lime rock but had to go to work.

Inn hoping when I get home and can play again that one I beat the Ford gt race I get the rewards again OR once I can access my garage the cars and credits are there from before.

I have 438 cars in fm5 and didnt get my 5 million

I have not received my loyalty cars or the 5m from FH2 :confused:

I got all my cars coming, but only got 11 million credits of the 15 million I should have gotten. I got tired of waiting for it to sync, so I just played. I’ll be honest, with all the cars I gotten, I am not missing the 4 million credits. I’ve yet to buy a car in-game, and any I’ve earned way more credits than I’ve needed to spend on upgrades.

I finished the initial race with the Ford GT, unlocked all tier cars and my 20,000,000cr. I got to the qualifying series, turn the console off, went to dinner, came back, had to start the initial race over, finished all qualifying races, and lost everything. No money, no cars. No one on my post said anything, I PM’d Turn 10 people, asked their Twitter and have not received a response yet. My post: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst41039_Tier-Cars-and-CR-GONE.aspx

Is there any way to get these credits after starting Forza 6? I have over 25 million credits in Forza 5 and Horizon 2 so I could easily buy enough cars to exceed 300 in each game to get the 5 million. Heck in FM5 I have 95 cars that are listed as free but never purchased. But I didn’t hear about these rewards until this morning. But I started playing FM6 yesterday.

So am I still able to get these rewards if I purchase a few hundred cars in Forza 5 and Horizon 2?