Lotus Elise GT1 Everywhere

Can we seriously give it a rest with this car? Every single time I’m in R class and there’s a GT1 in the lobby, it dominates everyone. I wouldn’t mind if it were consistently a second or two faster, but it’s almost always 4 or more seconds faster. It is very clearly unbalanced. There are a few cars in the game like this (Viper, etc.)

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Is that R class non homologation?

I 'll tell you something. Buy and tune a Ferrari F50 GT. This will give the lotus GT1 a legit run if and only if you get the tune correct.

If this “R class” you speak of is class-based and not homologated, then… Welcome to the world of non-homologated classes. :slight_smile:

Hint: they won’t fix it.


Need to start a petition to bring back homogulation lol


Yeah, cars like Lotus are very dangerous in any upgrade model because they’re usually very light and with modest power they’re unstoppable. :frowning:

I completely agree with this. It’s not cheating, but it is incredibly bad taste to constantly use cars that are obviously unbalanced.

Unfortunately, “competitive” racing in Forza has always been like this. If you wanted freedom of choice, you had to live with a handicap.

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It’s one of those cars like the BAC Mono was for a bit in FM6 , It easy to drive even right out of the box, add a half decent tune and a blind monkey could pull off a podium finish. So needless to say mediocre at best drivers are going to use it like a crutch

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Personally, no. I love this car. It was in my wishlist and I’m super happy I can finally use it in Forza 7 multiplayer.
You want to call it “leaderboard car” (even if there are no leaderboards)? Do as you please. I refuse to drive the Alfa 33 stradale, but I’ll never say no to this incredible machine.
Since it’s available, the Elise GT1 is hands down my favourite car from all Forza titles.


Like the GT40/P4/VIPER /F50 in S class too :stuck_out_tongue:

no, that was the top tier cars in S, the GT1 kills them by seconds on most tracks. it’s the most unbalanced car since the C9 in fm4

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You’ve forgotten how obscenely unbalanced the Mosler MT900 was in FM3. That car was an absolute nightmare to race against back in the day.

Ding ding ding! We have our winner! The Mosler was so over powered it was insane!

OP - I am assuming the Lotus GT1 is dominating on grip / handling tracks yes? So although it may be the quickest it doesn’t mean if you are a half decent driver that you couldn’t challenge in say a 911 gt1? I don’t know as I haven’t raced since they introduced the R class hopper but as I have a couple of days of work I will try and build some viable alternatives to the Lotus.

The GT1 wins almost no matter what the setting is. I can beat it if I use other leaderboard cars. Currently, I’m tuning a LaFerrari. I can get it to run some great times, but the GT1 is just ridiculously unbalanced.

Think your forgetting the m8b or the ultima on fm6.

But seriously guys u have homologated and u have class hoppers choose something u like and stop moaning when u get ur butts kicked all over the place.


If you want a semblance of competitive balance, head into a Homologated Hopper
If you want to race whatever you want, go into a Breakout Hopper.

You cannot have both.


I only really race on c class and there is same problem with honda s2000 and those civics that sound like you have mosquito on ear…

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Been like that for years. Nothing new here. It’s usually not too hard to beat them though. Many cars can keep up and most players aren’t good enough to drive them very well.


Well, we can always take advantage of the fact they only have torque from 6000 to 8000 rpm. :smiley: