Lost Car Designs

Well, I hate to complain and have no idea what to do, but I just got on Horizon 2 and noticed all of my cars have lost their skins. I’ve spent hours on each one and I’m really just disapointed to see that all my work is gone. I just was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if it’s possible to fix this somehow.

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happens to me too. You should contact turn 10 at forzafb@microsoft.com

How are you seeing they’ve lost their designs? Are you taking them out onto the road or just looking at the thumbnails in your garage? If the latter, there is an issue with the thumbnails displaying properly and you should take your vehicles out onto the track to see the designs.

I’ve taken them out, everyone that should have a skin doesn’t.

If you have the Design saved, reload it on the car(s) and see what happens.

I believe I’m having the exact same issue. When scrolling through my garage, any cars that had designs, or I had even changed the colour of, now have no thumbnail. When I select them to drive them, they have no design, and are in the colour they were purchased in. However, other people online CAN see the design the car has.

And no, we can’t reload any previously saved designs onto the car, as all of my previously saved designs are now listed as INVALID DATA and display no thumbnail.

This has only been an issue after the most recent update, so I’m assuming it’s related to that.

Deleted my save and resyncing it, and seeing if that solves the issue. If not, I may see if I can clear my cache.

I do not recommend this bit of troubleshooting to anyone else who is experiencing this same issue.

I honestly couldn’t care less about my designs, i don’t make them so it doesn’t matter to me.

So how is this in any way helpful to the thread?

I know it’s nice having designs, but if other people can see them and you cannot, you know they are still there. Can people see them on your drivatar, or on your actual car when playing multiplayer?

If this is in any way related to the latest update, then it can be fixed in a future update. I’m sure the developers are aware of the issue at this point, and working on a solution.

As I said, if other people see the designs, hopefully they are still there. It may be a bummer playing without them, but at least you can still play the game. Keep in mind, if you do try to delete your local game save and re-sync from the cloud, be aware of the following:

  • know your file size. Before clearing it, see how large your save data is. You can check on this during the sync to see how much is left to download.
  • Plan to not use your Xbox for a significant period of time
  • know the sync can take hours to complete, the larger your file size, the longer the sync will take
  • a full sync on an 80 MB file size can be expected to take around 2 - 3 hours.

I do not recommend deleting your local data and re-syncing however, as it seems to be unnecessary. It will most likely not solve the issue, it will waste a lot of your time, there is potential for further issues or something going wrong, and in the end it’s not worth it for some paint designs to lose all of your data.