Looking for wheel tunes for IndyCars road courses

I have used some tunes that say road courses, but can’t get them to turn, always push in the corner. I was hoping someone could tell me who tunes on the wheel for the IndyCars on the road courses. I may have tried there tunes already, but I just don’t know who is using the wheel. If thats the case, I’ll have to live with it. I’m looking for X999… Chevy or Honda… doesn’t matter.

Thanks Budman

Try CQR Takumi. I think it on the #9.

Also check a thread on here with an open source Longbeach tune (not mine but umadbroyolo and brycemw).

I don’t know if they are wheel users but they turn well on the controller.

Thanks SatNiteEduardo… I’ll give them a try.


Sounds like you’re over steering the wheel more than anything.