Looking for WEC/TUSC/GT3 Series

I’m trying to get back into league racing especially with the lack of online hoppers. Are there any leagues out there that plan on running a series with Le Mans type cars? If so, please add my current gtag Hanifin L7L. Thanks.

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The site i help run will be running gt3 championship. our first event will be btcc though.
His the link if you would like to join :slight_smile:




just a quick action shot of the testing weve been doing. as no surprise lap times are very similar and would definitely be a very close, competitive series for those interested


I love this idea, what’s the limit for enduro races on the new title?
I remember Fms5 only had 50laps or two hours. Or something like that.

TURN will be announcing something very soon using these cars come check it out