Looking for ideas

i do replica drift cars mainly. so if you are looking for something specific and cant find it in the game let me know and ill make it. all i need is pics or a link to pics of the livery you want.

not sure if this post belongs here or not so if a mod wants to move it please do.

how much of a challenge are you looking for?

Someone asked me for this one and I don’t know when I’ll be able to find the time to do it:

that one looks nice. i like a good challenge. is that the only pic you got?

here’s some pics from when it just had the paint:

and a few more with the decals added, although there’s nothing of the other side:

ok. ill start it friday and post when i am done here with pics

looking forward to seeing it- I wish I had the time to spend on it because I like the looks of it.

didnt get a chance to start it last weekend had work. ill be able to do it tomorrow night at some point or at least start it. i found some more pics but nothing showing the hood clearly