Looking for competitive yet clean weekly racing series? Head over to MSM - Maverick Speed Motorsport

We have been racing since early Forza 3 and hold weekly racing events of all classes

Our aim is not only to promote clean competitive racing, but also to help people of all skill levels to improve.

We race weekly on Saturdays in monthly series as well as holding paint competitions for those that prefer to spend time on vinyls than tuning setups

Head on over if you are interested in

See you on the tarmac


Been a member of MSM since 2011. Great group of guys and always competitive.

Check us out!

I just joined today, really friendly group here. They go easy on us n00bs :stuck_out_tongue:

As they say, everything’s better with friends. And friends is what you’ll make joining this team. Fun, varied racing and always something to do. Friendly bunch altogether, very welcoming to all willing to participate while keeping the rotten apples out. Proud to be part of MSM since FM4!

Sounds like my kind of group. I race fast and clean and I refuse to cheat to win. I’ll register today, but I won’t be able to race for a couple weeks.

Sounds exactly what I’ve been looking for, I’ll head over and register!

Heading over to register now


We need new racers to organize a new serie. We have plenty of good people willing to help. All skills level are welcome for fun racing.

Come strong and register at http://msmnation.forumotion.com/

I’m currently a part of a team but would love to race with you guys since not too many team members get on forza like I do since black ops III came out. Please send me an invite and add me if you would like. I race A Class though mainly