Looking for a race team

I have been playing forza since the second one, but I have only started doing competitive times in the last few game releases, I generally go for top 50 on rival tracks, my best rank so far is 6th in the world. I really would like to join a team that can push me to do better and aim for rank 1 and to just have people to race with as in sick of dirty racers online.

Thanks for reading

Hi. I have a team named RaceART Competition and we are always on the lookout for drivers. You seem like a great candidate for our team. We have an Aussie V8 Supercars series just around the bend, organized by TORA. If you’d like to join us, then fantastic, let me know and I’ll sort something out. For more info about TORA, visit theonlineracingassociation.com to find out more. Their series are very well run and full of clean racers so would be perfect for you, there’s a lot of very quick guys out there for you to race against and improve with.

Let me know ASAP as the series is not too far away now! Thanks

Yes that sounds brilliant, I would love to join the team, shall I add your btag?
I am just having a look at this website now pretty cool I’ve
Never heard of it


Cool. I forgot to tell you to have a look at the forums, as that’s where all the racing is orgainised. It’s forums.theonlineracingassociation.com

If you wanna race, you need to register on their forums, so I can help you with that if you needed