Im Looking for a FORZA 6 Race TEAM

Hey whats up everyone i made this post because im really looking to take my racing to the next level. I have been a long time forza fan since forza 2 and i have been a life long motorsport enthusiast, with aspiration to race on a real track one day. Im currently in the PINNACLE division for leagues 95th for ghost league and 55th in in the Global Touring League. i have some top 100 times, i will be a great assest to any virtual race team. my gamertag is trippy agent117 willing to try out for a team ASAP.

Hi there bud. Are you still on the look-out for a team to race with on FM6? I have a team, RaceART Competition, and we are always on the lookout for drivers. The team has been very successful over the past year, racing on, but we recently shut down for about 6 months with no racing, so the team is now building back up again. I look for drivers of all abilities, but it sounds like you could be a very strong driver for us.

Where are you from, what time zone etc.? If you’re interested, check out (TORA), as they have a V8 Supercars series just about to start and we are entered in it. It would be great if you could join us. Please get back to me ASAP, and I will get you sorted out. Thanks