looking for a car club?

I’m a racing/car fanatic. I am getting fh2 or forza horizon 2 on release date. I’m hoping some of you might want to join a car club. I’m open to suggestions about names. Please join it will be a lot of fun as I plan to be on regularly and do lots of cruising. I love drifting and will be abusing those rwd drifters. My gamer tag is FaTaL x STaRE. Feel free to ask questions and message me if ur interested. I am hoping to do stuff like specific car weeks like one week its mustangs and the next is modern supercars and next is off roading beasts. I am happy to take in advice and complaints to further improve the club. I have no names ATM but I was thinking of something like sick whips maybe? Idk its up to u guys n gals really. Thanks for reading. Thx to Dumbo for ideas. :slight_smile: ~Adam

Ayup man you on xbox one ???

check mine out bro :wink: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst16041_Starting-a-Awesome-Car-Club.aspx