Long, straight road

I can not find a single long straight road in this game.

PS. Noisy Cartographer achievenent already unlocked.
PS 2. Corners, corners, corners everywhere!


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Ummm… why are you needing one? There is the highway that goes from the round-about in Astmoor to Edenbough, it isn’t perfectly straight but is wide enough that it shouldn’t matter that much. Also, on the right side of the map there is a beach, that also isn’t exactly straight but it is wide enough to get going full speed in any car. There is also the drag strip that is at the beach which is rather long, which is straight.

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I like that there’s no perfectly straight highway in FH4 and I like how it wraps around the map. Makes the map feel bigger even if it’s not.

The UK doesn’t have many long straight roads especially in Scotland and North England where most of this game is set, there are just too many mountains, hills and lakes. We just don’t have big long roads like in the American or Australian deserts. The only long straight road I can think of is the M1, there are sections of perfectly straight motorway about 6 miles long on this road.

Long straight roads are boring anyway, twists and turns are more fun.

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This straight motorway could be a perfect place for testing top speed of our cars or doing custom drag races.

Thanks for the answers anyway.

Good. Australia was a pretty average map because the roads were long, wide, straight and boring.

UK is much better.

I think Australia had a nice balance of long straight roads and twisty roads.

I do wish UK had a least 1 long road. While the twisty roads are fun, there are times I just want to do stuff you can only do on a long straight road.

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There should be 1 long straight…its missing! Bring it with an Expansion Pack please.

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The highway is pretty long and pretty straight
Not sure how much longer you want it

Just drive along the highway it’s straight and long enough, i mean the one with the tunnel. That’s where i test the topspeed and transmissions of my cars.