Logitech wheel and chat questions

Iam at my wits end, I have contacted x box support, they walked me through the headphone set up and it worked temporarily. Without boring everyone i will get to my questions.
After I power up my wheel, I can hear people but I can’t transmit.
When i use just my controller, I can transmit chat.
Am I missing something? Is it not possible to have this wheel working and chat working together?
this game is not as much fun without being able to communicate. The controller isn’t as much fun as a wheel.
x box support walked me through what I already did, and when it started working support couldn’t tell me what we did to make it work.
Bottom line is, with no chat= no friends= no friends= no fun. No fun = frustrastion, frustration = me putting the the whole game in the closet.
any body out there who can say yes it is possible to make this work? Or no it just won’t work?

You mentioned Logitech wheel in the subject, is this about Xbox 360?

Xbox one

Logitech wheel on Xbox One? Are you sure youre not talking about Thrustmaster/MadCatz? :wink:

Anyways, this is how i do it on TM/XBO, it works everytime:

Boot your XBO
Sign in using your gamepad and connect headset
Plug your wheel in but dont sign in yet
Start game using your gamepad
On the title screen hit A on your WHEEL when prompted
Sign in using your wheel
Dont touch your gamepad from now on :wink:

Make sure you dont boot your xbox with your wheel already connected, this can cause issues. And, if possible, dont use your gamepad once you signed in your wheel, this can also cause problems.

hope that works for you

I have the Thrustmaster 458 Italia wheel and you set it up as wooziewoo described. But if you don’t connect your controller directly to the xbox with a cable it will shut off half way through a race. Very bad setup actually. It should have been incorporated in the wheel.

Yup, good point LuckyBastd, totally forgot to mention this. You dont even need the play&charge kit, any micro-USB to USB cable will work

Thanks for the replies,
I use a maxx race f-1 converter between my xbox 1 and Logitech wheel, i have tried several times, tried different combinations.

  1. Power up the box, connect the box to the converter, then connect to a wired controller, then unplug and re plug into the wheel. I can sign on and race from this point using the wheel, then for sound and chat i plug in the headset, all works but chat transmit.
  2. Power down, unplug the converter from the box, unplug the converter to the wheel. Last but not least unplug the USB that powers the headset.
    When i try different power up power down methods I lose the wheel and can only use the controller.
    I can send messages using the controller headset while using the wheel, and I can hear the game and chat

Please excuse the double post. I have also a 458 spider wheel by thrustmaster, I will try hooking it up temporary and try the chat to see if this makes a difference. I will also try using just the controller, as well as my turtle beach headset and my headset that came with the game.
Hopefully I can get the chat going with the wheel or controller tonight and go from there. Joined up with a great bunch of guys to race weekends although it’s like 2:30 am my time.

I disconnected the Logitech and got a 458 spider wheel, the 4th, yes four, brand new headsets before I got a pair that worked. Everything is working.

4 headsets? haha, omg

Does it now also work with the maxx race converter?

I haven’t tried setting it back up, i don’t mind using the spider wheel. the adapter was very complicated, I didn’t like the Logitech shifter, so i wound up using the paddle shifters. I might hook it up sometime to see if it will work with this headset, I could not get it to work before with working headsets. But to be honest iam getting tired of troubleshooting. When the time comes I will probably buy a better thrustmaster wheel and shifter.