Logitech & Thrustmaster Combination

I posted this on the FH3 forum but no takers. Not much going on over at that forum.

I play FM7 & FH3 on the PC. I use a Logitech G29. I recently purchased the Thrustmaster Pro Pedals and Shifter which are connected as a ‘stand alone’ through USB. FM7 will recognize these and allows me to use them with the G29. I cannot get FH3 to recognize these. Any special setting that I am missing in FH3. I cannot see anything in the advance menu.

The shifter is not a big issue since I can use the paddle shifters in FH3, but the pedals are since I cannot keep changing them out once I convert to the Thrustmaster Pro. I have a TX base on order that I can use with my XB1X but it has been on back order for a while so I had to revert to the PC.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.