Logitech G920 settings after last update

Following the recent game update wheel settings that I used to run suddenly felt not good anymore (lack of feel especially in the centre). I restored them to default and actually they’re better now but no perfect. Looking for good settings for normal driving (not drifting).

Vibration scale: default is too high, I turned it down to 10

Ffb scale: default 50 feels okay but I prefer it little bit more like 60-70. I would not run 90-100 as this would saturate the motor. Read on official Forza Horizon 4 wheel settings guide that the default settings is 1:1 representation so actually might leave this at 50.

Centre spring scale: 100 feels too much. Turning it off completely may cause wheel oscillation. Still trying to find a sweet spot. For Logitech G920 probably relatively low values will be appropriate.

Wheel damper scale: Default 100 which again as centre spring scale is too high imo as you get less tyre feel. Lowering it down is probably the way to go with this wheel (some people turn it off completely, but this may cause wheel oscillation). Still trying different settings on this one

Ffb understeer: it’s 25 by default. Still trying different settings.

Ffb minimum force: 50 by default. I wouldn’t set it low as you basically loose the feel in the centre of the wheel. Maximum is probably not a good idea either as it creates huge wheel oscillation at low speed 2nd gear for example - wheel moves itself from left to right like crazy when not being touched.

Wheel rotation angle: 900 by default, I set mine to 540. I reckon anything between 540-720 should be fine. Higher is usually for drifting. You can even try 270-360 for F1 style driving. Personal preference imo.

Look forward to seeing your setups. Feel free to comment on the above. Cheers !

For about two months I have a problem.
Issue is related to both FH4 and FM7 on PC.
All buttons, pedals and shifter work properly, although wheel itself doesn’t do its job.
Force feedback is default, motors are locked and there is zero countersteer or any realistic feeling.
Wheel just goes back to the center and is very hard to turn.
This issue frustrates me a lot, since everything worked fine before.

I tried reinstalling both games and drivers. Nothing worked. All solutions I found in the web did nothing.

I hope I would get some help.