Loading Times Decreased?

Has anyone else noticed a substantial decrease in the time it takes to fast travel other players to a race event? Instead of waiting for 3 minutes, I’ve only had to wait for 20 seconds at the most. I really hope it wasn’t just luck.

It wasn’t like that for me yesterday so I think it was probably just pure luck…

Still epically slow for me.

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Username checks out. It is likely luck, if you play enough lobbies you’ll sometimes find ones with no Steam players which is apparently the main reason for the crazy long waits. If you find a lobby where everyone has SSD, even better.



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Possibly related, the February 1st content update “Fixed a bug that caused longer loading times on PC when the framerate was unlocked”

Hardly. Granted, I play on an Xbox One S still, but load times and some of the visuals in this game are pretty poor. Special shout out to the frame drops in cities and towns and the infinite load screens after EventLabs with large amounts of props and long courses.

Mine is just wheelspin. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Using i9, RTX 3080 Ti, Corsair MP600 Pro XT 2TB and 32GB DDR4-3600C16.

I’ve never had a 3 minute wait to fast travel, always about 20 seconds.

You are imagining things. For starters, the “loading” times have nothing to do with the game itself. Its more about syncing all the players to the one with less connection speed. That takes time. Happens in every single game. And unless everybody in the group has great connection speeds (and they are not playing over wifi, of course, sadly ive seen many players doing this… and then they complain about connection issues, right…) the loading times are always going to be sometimes, long. I personally never experienced excessive loading times, i can wait for 30 seconds. That doesnt bother me.

But no, i didnt notice any decrease. In fact, almost the opposite since two days ago.