Livery Partnership

What’s up to all my artistic folks? I mainly race competitively on the Rivals leaderboards, some multiplayer action, and have started tuning in FM5. I plan to start broadcasting regularly if everything goes right.

I am looking for an artist to partner up and create designs and liveries for the cars I will be racing to give people something interesting to look at while they are tuned in. My idea would be to have a unique/creative livery for my GT to place on the cars, something small, but recognizable. The rest of the car and overall design of the cars would be completely up to you. You would have complete artistic freedom of the actual design/paint/livery since that is what you are good at. I have no problem with your GT being on the car also for people to see, maybe “painted by so and so” or something, or sending people your direction for the design. I think it can be a good way to get more exposure for your designs and it will be cool for me to get a unique logo that I can place on the car consistently.

Anyone interested, reply to the thread or send me a message on the XBone. You can also search my name on Forzastats to get an idea of my race credentials. So far my approach has been quality over quantity with the time I have had.

Look forward to seeing some really cool stuff!