Liveries Bugging out can't see car? :S

Hello everyone. I’m new to Forza Horizon 4. I use to play Forza horizon 3 few years ago till it got messed up when microsoft took it off the store. So this time I got Forza Horizon 4 on steam. The game been great. Though when I pick a car and do a paint job then click on create Liveries. I see the UI to create shapes and colors and so on with the background of dark gray or white or whatever but… No car is showing at all… I can put flat shapes within Liveries creation. Though it just flat as if im using paint from windows… I don’t see the car I have selected. I thought to myself I don’t remember forza horizon 3 ever being like this. So I look up youtubes. And on there videos it shows the car there doing shapes on and everything. But on my end. I don’t even see my car. Litterly no car at all just a shape in the middle of the screen. :S What’s going on? :open_mouth: Any help would be great. Thanks. :slight_smile: