List of new presets

The update added presets for the following cars. These are the ones that show up when filtering “my cars”, it doesn’t include bodykits that aren’t in a preset (and doesn’t cover cars introduced with this update). I added a few notes that should be self-explanatory. All cars are in the autoshow (including DLC cars) except the Hyundai, Nissan and Renault.

BMW M3 '05
Caddy ATS-V
Ford Ute '14
HSV Maloo '14
Veloster N (wheelspin/reward)
Mazda RX-7 '97 (two)
M-B X-Class
AMG Hammer Coupe
Nissan GTR '20 (reward)
911 GT2 RS '18
Renault 4L '68 (barn find)
Supra '98 WP (DLC)
Toyota Supra '98
Toyota Supra '92
VW Golf R '10


What are these cars?? Presets?? Help please thanks

A number of cars have preset tuning options that often (if not always) include specific body kit options. Presumably this is a list of cars that have had new Preset tuning options added (and possibly new body kit options as well).

sorry, yeah, @Ti_Hsien is right, I just did the list and forgot any explanation!