List of issues and suggestions so far

-Glass breaking sound in almost every car hit in some races (they can’t breake forever)
-Game crashes in some loading screens (known issue i think)
-Can’t hear engine sound in some races about to start
-When manual video settings are enabled, I can’t see the last option, the screen doesn’t scroll until the end

-Watter puddle’s drag are too strong. I don’t know if in real life they are like that, but i found it more anoying then fun. It’s a good idea though, just too strong drag
-Didn’t find where to change menu language
-Roof cam
-Better visualisation of RPM when it passes the red line
-Pressing the “B” button on the xbox controler, makes the tab menu selection goes to “exit”. So if you don’t use the mouse, you can go straight to exit tab after a race, and not having to pass throught all the tabs until the “exit” one
-Invencible difficulty is not invencible
-LaFerrari better than P1? No way! :slight_smile: Check some YouTube videos comparing them on track

Great game. Thanks guys for putting it on Windows

Thank you for taking the time to post your comments and suggestions and we appreciate your feedback.