Level Upgrade Too Expensive

So, I will be reaching my next level very shortly and the reward car is one of the 1.4 million credit Ferrari’s…a car I really want. Unfortunately ,even with the 400K discount I’m not going to be able to afford it when I level up. I know there is a way to save the reward to be purchased later but I don’t know how to do it. How do I save the reward so I can purchase when I can afford to? Also, when I can afford it, how do I bring it up to buy it? I’m playing on a xbox one.


Press the B button and it will save the reward. When you are able to afford it, you can access saved rewards by going to the progress tab on the main menu.

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just press ‘B’ to skip the reward. When you have enough credits, you can go to your progress in the main menu and view your saved rewards. You can only claim them in the order they were put in though, so if you have more than one, you can’t select which one you want to claim first. You can still claim other rewards at level up such as free cars etc even when you have saved rewards though.

Perfect. Thanks you!!!

1000 laps of Lemans Full Circut should solve all your CR issues. It is a grind managing to have the CR to buy those more expensive cars via level up. if you have a car in the rewards that you really want first but you know it is 8th in line, for example, you can go thru and cash the others for the 50K get the car and the others will come back around on offer again in the level up. I had 27 in there and cashed all but 1 and then went on to buy the others and still see them again as duplicate offers so you don’t really miss out on any unlocked car.

I’ve currently got about 24 saved rewards, all sat behind a 1.1m Veyron lol

Just save it for later, this is an excellent way to save cars that you want for purchase later.