Level up car rewards

Does anyone know if we get to choose from a selection of cars after levelling up? From what I can remember, that wasn’t the case for forza 5. I’m hoping it was more like forza 4, my favourite of the forza series. Thank you

Its seems like selectable gift cars via Forza Rewards is a long-gone feature. Credits are more likely and, in special instances, a car may be made available at the team’s discretion.

I think the OP is referring to in game Driver Level leveling in which case there just isn’t this kind of info available to us yet.


Ahh, yes. That makes more sense.

In regards to driver levelling and choosing cars; in FM5 I am VIP and gotten a nice amount of Tokens to spend in game. These tokens I mostly use on hotlapping with the idea that I can/will climb from position #41839 to above #500. Because of the time spent, laps driven and increase in leaderboard, this usually makes my driver level up at least 10 levels thus giving me a big fat paycheck exceeding 700K credits.

This kinda makes the choice/willingness to choose between 3 allocated cars a bit void; I rather spend my 700K paycheck on cars I really want than choosing a car the game deems suitable/giftable to me.

Thanks for your replies gentleman. I appreciate it

I would be fine if they did it like they did in horizon 2

every level up you get either a random amount of cash (double if you’re a VIP) or a random car (plus cash based on the price of the car if youre a VIP)

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I hope they make it a pretty rich economy (like FH2) - I’m sick of not being able to afford all the cars.

I think they will. I think they learned their lesson after the poor economy of Forza 5 before the patch, since then the economy has been pretty good, especially in horizon 2 if you had the 10% discount perk of cars.

I’d say that the economy has been non-existant since the update in FM5. Personally, I think it was somewhat too tight before the update. After the update, it made the whole point of money completely irrelevant, especially if you bought any DLC.


I bought over a 100 cars last night in FM5 and barely spent 10 million credits. I went ahead and bought another 250 GTO to make me feel like I accomplished something. I own every car in the game now with exception to some DLC stuff and I still have 75 million credits.

If anything I hope the car prices are at least 2 to 3 times higher.

You shouldn’t be able to buy every car in the game after maybe a month playing.

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Agreed!!! I actually think the economy adjustment in FM5 was the worst thing Turn10 did to the game.

At an instant, everything became cheap/free. People bought the cars they wanted, felt that sense of accomplishment, and then left the game. Average players suddenly had all the great cars and didn’t need to play anymore. Great players were upset by how easy it became for the average Joe and stopped playing out of anger. In my opinion, nothing good came out of that change.

FM6 needs an economy and in-game rewards formed in such a way that all players get a moderated, but constant sense of gratification/accomplishment.

i never had any problem buying cars. i played career and did the extra events and was able to buy every car i need for the next event. one day when the servers were down i got bored so i bought cars. every car and had 13 mill left over. that was after about 2 months of playing. my problem wasn’t running out of credits, it was having nothing to spend credits on. why do you want more cars? to race them? if you raced the ones you already have you would have plenty of credits. i was better than average but by no means the best, anyone can rack up the credits. and there is no need for vip, unless you want bragging rights for the biggest mountain of useless credits. if i buy fm6 and they enable gifting hit me up after a couple of months. no gifting is the only reason i haven’t given away millions in fm5. to me more credits are useless, i would rather someone that could enjoy them have them.

and if you are into multiplayer having every car is a mistake, it makes it take too long to switch to the car and tune you want between the time voting ends and the race begins. it can be done, but you aren’t getting a drink or anything between races. i wanted every car too…until i had every car.

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I miss the old days of unlocking and receiving gift cars for each level, up to level 50(always wished it went even higher than 50), though most of the cars before level 40 were nothing to get excited about. After getting the F333, and the S7, it really felt like I accomplished something. I think that was in FM2. I’ve played them all since FM1. Many of my memories of the games blur together a bit :wink: In FM5 I hardly played any of the career, because there was no reason to. It was monotonous, drivatars suck and there was little reward. If winning series resulted in being gifted useful cars, I might have played career a bit more, but I could make far more money doing rivals or racing online. Pity that multiplayer is only hopper lobbies filled with crashers. None of the changes that have been made to the franchise promote long term playability. It’s disappointing to watch.

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It’s almost a a Catch-22 … but not. Not sure if there is a suitable term for this…

If a player LIKES racing, he will have plenty of credits to buy whichever cars he desires, and then he’ll have credits left over with nothing to spend them on. He’ll also, likely, use only a (relative) handful of the cars.

On the other hand, we have plenty of players who don’t particularly like racing. They like drifting, or cruising, or dragging, or painting, or photo mode, or making videos, etc, etc, etc. You know, the whole “turn car lovers into gamers” target. These are the players for whom easy access to the cars would be a benefit, but they’re the ones who feel they must “grind for credits.”

Of course, prior to FM5 - as we all know - the Community of Racers simply gifted cars to the Community of Non-Racers (frequently receiving cool paint jobs in return), and most folks had access to what they wanted.


Ahhh… A key feature of the economy (in previous iterations of the franchise) that directly contributed to keeping players (from both camps) interested and engaged in the game.

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Pretty much THIS here. I was thinking something similar this week. The more thought I put into things, the less-likely I am to pay for Ultimate. With no real economy as far as anything to buy other than cars and parts, Cr are almost useless.

Winning in career is pretty easy, and with the money from prior games and the free launch cars I’m set. If I even get a basic day-one the cash will pile-up quickly and sit. I too wish gifting / SF would return and put money to good use, but that’s a whole other thread.