Left in the Dark

Seekers Championship.
Polaris Spec. Virginia int raceway in the dark.
Absolutely STUPID to have a solid black tyre barrier behind a white advertising sign, who ever thought this idea needs to be sacked from their job.
The headlights aren’t bright enough to even see where we are driving,

Breakout Championship.
Touring Cars, Dubai Reverse. Daytime so NO Headlights are on.
When entering the tunnel its compleatly black, most tunnels in Europe have extra bright lights to simulate daylight,
If you want me to continue to play this appalling game I suggest you sort these errors in your game play soon…
Nostalgic Drag Racers.
Road America Evenng-Night.
Headlights not bright enough, tail lights & break lights not bright enough.

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In one race on Dubai I thought it was weird that some cars had their headlights on and some did not. These are errors but not major ones, especially in a game this size. No need to be so dramatic.


I’ve seen both, unrealistic and un-driveable, especially the Dubai tunnel. Some lights above the curb would be handy, it’s quite impossible to see where is do road + it’s a high speed section of the track.

And what’s going on with the headlights?

  1. Daylight, clear weather: almost always ON
  2. Daylight, overcast: usually OFF
  3. Drizzle, light rain, moderate rain, etc.: OFF
  4. Heavy rain: ON

Wouldn’t be possible to have headlights always on?

That Virginia track is as dark as dogs guts though. Calibrated to the suggestion in settings I have to wrestle my way up to 2nd place and sit behind No 1 follow the tail lights if I don’t knock them out and slingshot over the finish line. Because the track comes up often I hit rewind then while paused lightened up the brightness and fiddled with the contrast which made it a little more acceptable.