League events unavailable?

Hi Is anyone having any issues just now (12:00 GMT) getting into event 2 or 3, currently live on multiplayer league?
Mine just keeps timing out.

Was wondering if anyone has this problem. Cant seem to join any league racing ever

Same thing here, just now,10 pm EST. Didn’t figure there really was nobody else in the world wanting to play at this time.

The ghost leagues were working earlier. I think people are just tired out from the holidays. Not surprising. Ghost leagues were fairly empty when they usually get more players.

I tried for about 3 hours last night periodically, and I could never get either Ghost event to come up. It would always “Fail to find a game session”, then I would get out of Ghost, try SIM, and get right in, so maybe there really was NOBODY else on the planet wanting to ghost race at that time, for that long, but that seems odd to me. I mean, it’s not like I’m looking at a Forza 2 lobby and wondering why there’s nobody in it . . .

I got into a full lobby yesterday without issue in ghosts, was actually the most people in one lobby ive ever been in, but I am only in grass roots so lots of noobs

Same thing again last night, except I couldn’t get into ANY league event at all. Got right into whatever Multiplayer Hopper I wanted, but League was never there.

Just thought I’d have another try and after half hour of trying to get in either ghost or spec series no luck. I’m in the enthusiast band maybe no one is in this band anymore. Would have thought if no one was in a specific lobby then it would start one with the person who searched then wait for at least one other person to join in but hey what do I know

I did the famous Hard Reset on mine and was able to get into Ghost and other League play last night. Seems odd that it was only that one specific area of online play that was affected, but there ya go