Launch control on a wheel

Hi there i wouls like to know how can you do a launch control on a wheel like if it was a controller by holding the gas and handbrake.

Sort of is one. If stopped, you can hold brake and then rev without it doing a burnout. Let off brake and it launches.

Yh it works fine with a controller but when i do it on a wheel and pedals the cars bogs down

Closest you can get is using the clutch pedal and letting it out properly to not spin, if you are playing with 2 pedals and no clutch then idk.

Not sure on your end. If mean racing, never tried it. On two wheel pedal, it will launch wherever you have pedal, so from there I just use throttle control myself and havent ever found a time needed it at start of race. Always seems to launch exactly by how I hold my right foot. Would be nice if we had a second before race starts vs control and go at same time. Outside of racing is what I was thinking.