Lancia Gamma 1976-1984

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Lancia Gamma

Lancia Gamma Coupe, one of the most stylish coupes in its class imo:
The Lancia Gamma Is a Pretty, Terrible Car


Gamma Berlina:

Gamma Coupe:


Two Gamma with German plates and one of them in black - that’s rare! :+1:

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Oh yeah. Absolutely rare. Unfortunately these plates are not mine… and well, the car isn’t mine also. :frowning:
But apart from that everything is cool - the car in particular. :yum::+1:


1981 Lancia Gamma 2500 i.e. Coupé

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production models:
Coupe production model in the background with three one-off Pininfarina prototypes based on it but which sadly never made it into series production, from right to left those are the Scala (saloon), Spider and Olgiata (shooting break)
Pininfarina: i 20 capolavori del carrozziere -