Lancia ECV 1986-1988

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Lancia ECV

This topic is for both ECV and ECV II.


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1986 ECV1.

The original ECV1 was dismantled and the Chassis and parts like the Engine and Mechanicals wree moved to the ECV2. In 2010 it was Restored by former members of the Abarth Racing Team.

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1988 ECV2

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Video of ECV1


I sure hope Stellantis would give PG licensing to use Alfa, Fiat, and Lancia cars in FH games again, because I sure would like to go cruising around Mexico with this baby!


Lancia ECV
Lancia ECV 2


PLEASE Playground Games, let us drive these epic concepts that never got the chance to race in real life. I really want both of these cars in the game.