Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera DLC

If anyone has a preorder code they don’t really want can you put it on ebay please?

This is my favourite car and there is no way to access it currently if you preordered off the xbox one store, I don’t want to wait 6 months for it to release as DLC.


Are you aware that you cannot sell digitally downloadable goods by any method other than classifies ads ?
see here: Electronically delivered items policy | eBay

Also I think it’s fine if someone chooses to give it to you or you swap codes. But to sell a code it isn’t.

Why is this car always a special dlc

Got it on the 360 ;D

You can sell a dlc code, I’ve seen that many times before and bought some as well. You are actually not selling the DLC, but the code and code is on a piece of cardboard, a real product that you can sent to the buyer.

It is against the TOS and COC of Xbox Live to sell codes. Money in exchange for digital media isn’t allowed. Especially not allowed here on this site.

This is actually my dreamcar… but living in europe there’s no way i can get my hands on this dlc…

And that really really angers me. I’d be willing to spend quite a deal of money to get my hands on it… but it seems no luck.

Seriously T10? You have to pull something like this? (I mean no disrespect… it just annoys me beyond the point where i can’t contain it)

What i’d like to know is… will these 4 pre-order dlc cars get released as a car pack dlc in the near future?

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For those wanting the preorder DLC they will probably be a pack in 6 months or so if they follow the usual form.

Just checked on eBay and one auction (there are several) had 15 bids placed with 17hrs left and the current bid for the Gallardo? $20.50! That’s ridiculous at best IMO.

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I hate that I can spend $90 on a new game and still not be able to get every car.


Agreed. Luckily its not as bad as in the first Horizon, where the pre-order cars were major ones like the 370Z, and even after getting those you still wouldn’t have the unicorns x.x

This is why I think that we should not have to pay for a DLC pack containing only the pre-order bonus cars. They were all included on the disc at launch - the pre-order only gave you a code to let you use them - and we’ve already paid for them all. If a DLC has only the pre-order cars then there will inherently be a car that you already have and have paid for, and others that are on disc that you’ve paid for with the game purchase price.

Any DLC containing pre-order cars should at least contain an additional 5 cars that are not on disc already.

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I still love this game, but I hear you. I’m still peeved that MK had me pre-order just to get Goro, and he’s available day one for purchase

Same with the Ferrari California, I’m not a too big fan of it but it’s a good cruising car made for cruising down the south coast of Castelletto.

if anyone has a spare lamborghini gallardo code id love to have it please its a dream car and if anyone has a code send it to counterlibra201 xbox one code by the way.?

This should have been locked a long time ago. Like VerrucktSchakal said, it’s against the ToS and the CoC.

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H. Fraud & Commerce

Accounts and Gamertags are non-transferable. Do not purchase accounts or Gamertags from third parties.
Do not access or attempt to access accounts that you do not own.
Do not purchase Xbox Live Gold memberships, games, Microsoft Points, or any additional content from unauthorized third parties.
Do not attempt to use or share fraudulent methods to obtain content or Microsoft Points.

Do not post about it here. It is against the Xbox Live Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, and it is against the forum rules as well.

I need a ️Lamborghini gallardo how will I get it?

You do not need one, you want one and that is quite different.

In the meantime your only two options include browsing ebay and hoping you find a legitimate offer and pay for it; however, as I said above that may not go over well - see Xbox Live Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. Your other (and really, only) choice is to wait and hope it gets released as DLC.

That goes for the entire game doesn’t it?