Lag in garage menu

How have they not fixed this after months since release. Are they oblivious?

I was looking to see if anybody was also experiencing this and found this thread. I was going to argue the game still felt like it was in beta testing. It feels really clunky like an early release title. All of the menus lag, the cut scenes lag, anything animated lags. However the game itself seems to crap out so many frames, i have a problem with it taking a dump on my CPU. I get more frames in Forza 7 than I do in Horizon 3 for some reason. As a consequence I have to use 130% resolution scale, with everything on ultra and 8x MSAA, or the game will microstutter all day from insane frame rates that stress even the best CPU’s. It seems like any time I run a game in DX12, frame rates above 120 seem to cause microstuttering and insane cpu loads. Which sucks because I have to use Vsync and I have a Gsync display. I I don’t tame Forza 7 down to at least 75fps it just stutters all day.