KW or HP for the characteristic of the car

Hi guys ,

I see many screens with description of the cars with HP for the power instead of KW.
Actually I ve KW when I go to my garage.
How can I do to have power in HP for the description ?
I dont see any options to do that.

thanks for all

Pretty sure that’s not possible. Just add a third to the number of kW and you should roughly come up with the amount of horse power.

Not sure but mine is set to either default or imperial(English) MPH etc kW would more likely be the metric option if that is what you are seeing you would also see your speed in KPH. In settings under HUD you can change it there.

ok , thanks for yur answer guys :wink:

@tonyandjack : see here : description of the car is in HP , not KW and I saw many screen on the net where it s HP not KW.