Korniis95's Gallery [UPDATE 20/09] Ford GT


2nd place in Connectz’s The 1967 FORD vs FERARRI 24 Hours of Le Mans Photocomp

2nd place in The Snooty One’s Capture The Stig’s Digital Cousin Photocomp

1st place in PTG Coops’ Hidden Stars 2 Photocomp

Tied for 1st place in HD 90 RicKyBobY’s Modified Cars Like F&F Photocomp

Tied for 1st place in PTG Photocomp - Muscle Photocomp

1st place in PTG Coops’ Hidden Stars 3 Photocomp

– Forza Horizon 2 –

Photocomp 50

Photocomp 53

Photocomp 54

Photocomp 55

Photocomp 56

Photocomp 57

– Forza Motorsport 6 –

Photocomp 18

Photocomp 36


Photocomp 52

Hi all, so I finally decided to share my pictures with the community. All feedback is welcome.

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^^^That sky! I like pretty skies :slight_smile:
Great start with the F type too. Love the lighting and variety of your shots.


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Some random snaps that I took a while back

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These are wicked,

Great filters :slight_smile:


Grabbed my first ever Photocomp win with this shot!

And did a quick 'shoot…

Love that! Great work recently!

Congrats on your win and I love the first two shots!

Thanks Viper!
Took a break from Forza 6…

Love it!

Cool perspectives there. Thinking outside the box

Great set & I love this,

Appreciate your kind words!

love these four

Very nice camera angles, cool gallery.

Great work on the first three!

Agree with NuvoIari choices, but the Bentley badge is the standout shot for me.