Ken Block Tribue Event 1/6/23 (Retired)


We have created a Ken Block Tribute event open to anyone! (Please do not show up with something that breaks tos… you will get removed without question) We will be hosting a cruise/drift/photo session for the passed Ken Block to show how much he means to us. Only restrictions will be from the Hoonigan Manufacturer. The livery can be what you want as well as it obeys Forzas TOS and is respectful to Ken Block and his family/friends. We officially have a time frame and will be hosting this event on Friday, January the 6th at 7pm EST. If you are interested in joining us. The server invite will be listed here: (Event is Over-> Invite has been removed)

P.S. We are aware of Convoys maxing at 12 players, but we have an idea to get around this. How a convoy system works is upon invitation; a player gets added to your session. So we will invite and kick once you arrive in a relative area. That way you would be spawned in with us. Still be in the session and compete with us. We will not be doing any racing events or anything like that as it would disconnect us from the same session. Sadly players will be ghosted, but that doesn’t mean much other than collisions outside of the convoy.


Was a ton of fun! Though we had some technical difficulties. I want to thank everyone that was involved in making this happen as well as those who joined.